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Weekend Roundup #2

Posted on September 26, 2009 by Lee

Each Saturday I’ll round up my favourite posts from the personal finance blogosphere. Most will be recent, but I will throw in some timeless gems along the way as well to keep your weekend reader fully stocked for a lazy way to relax without all the effort!

How to Invest in Gold

Money Energy has an excellent write up on the different ways you can diversify your portfolio into gold with minimal effort, and help balance your stock market risks.

Money Tips for New Students

With freshers heading to university for the first time this year and the unprecedented fiasco caused by the Student Loans Company, Shrewd Cookie has timely published his 19 Essential Money Tips for Students. There is some excellent advice contained within if you are heading off to higher education.

Free Year Planner for 2010

For extra credit, Simon over at Shrewd Cookie has also made available free A4 and A3 year planners for noting down those important financial dates. Credit card due dates, car insurance renewals, cash back claims, anything and everything should be added. Thanks, Simon!

Your Net Worth is an Illusion

Financial Samurai posits that actually, what you think you are worth might not be all that accurate. In a worse case scenario, it might even be a complete illusion.

Avoid Overdraft Fees

Nickel over at Five Cent Nickel discusses the method I use to prevent overdraft charges: give yourself a buffer. While I do not get charged a fee to use my overdraft, if I stay in it after the close of business that day, I’ll be charged interest until I clear it. Save yourself this and follow Nickel’s tip.

Vacation on a Budget

Michelle over at MoneyNing wants a holiday, but doesn’t want it to cost the earth. See how David and Michelle saved money and still get to have a fantastic memorable holiday at the same time.

How to Build Investing Experience

Jacques on The Digerati Life gives some excellent tips on building investing experience when you have none, and some of the more common mistakes to avoid to keep things running more smoothly.

What is Your Least Important Bill?

A timeless classic from The Simple Dollar archives, Trent asks you to find your least important bill. When you have found it, he then asks why, if it is so unimportant, are you still paying it?

7 Ways to Profit From Other People’s Folly

Monevator is running a guest post at present from the Psy-Fi blog author Tim about the 7 ways you can turn a profit from other peoples folly. A very interesting read into the psychology of investing and human nature in general!

Have a great weekend!


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