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Six of the Best! September 2009

Posted on October 04, 2009 by Lee

The first Sunday of every new month I’ll round up 6 of the best posts from the previous month here at Five Pence Piece. My little world only launched on August 22, 2009 so for this particular post I’m going to include August as well. Come the next time, I’ll concentrate strictly on the month before, promise!

My choices will always be based on whether they tell an interesting story, are timelessly useful, generated a lot of comments or retweets, or just because I had fun writing them. It’s a grab bag of what I (and hopefully others) think was good time spent reading.

1. My Financial Meltdown

This is a mini-series, spread over 4 posts, detailing in rather painful (for me) detail of how I ended up on my debt freedom crusade, and why Five Pence Piece even exists. I walk through step by step how it was my marriage fell apart, my realisation of my debt situation, and how I got the internal energy to go and fight it rather than just give up all hope.

2. The SCRAM Plan

This plan could be the most important document you ever write. If you are serious about increasing your financial stability, make no mistake, you need a SCRAM plan. It takes 30 minutes to put together, and 60 seconds each month to make sure it is still accurate.

3. Dig Yourself Out of Debt

This was actually a 5 part series detailing the route I am taking to getting out of debt. It combines the very best practices from all kinds of tried and true methods and pools resources to get you there as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible, and to keep you out once you get out. The link above takes you to Part 1.

4. Frugal Friday! Batch Cooking

It surprised me that the one article I didn’t think would get much interest, is actually the one that caused the most comments on other blogs and links from other bloggers! It just goes to show that sometimes the best ideas you have or share, are not the ones you think even matter.

5. Giving to Charity

Even in a recession, it is important to keep giving. The one thing you may have to change is how you give. But the important thing to take away is that you do not have to give money. Check out the article for some of the meaningful ways you can still give but not open your wallet.

6. Credit Card Analysis: From Hell to Heaven

Another little look into my own financial situation here, with some pretty graphs to go with it. This article aims to show you how not managing you credit cards properly can be very expensive.

Do you have a favourite I haven’t listed? Come share in the comments.


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