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Free Blog Hosting Competition

Posted on April 06, 2012 by Lee

One of the more common themes among personal finance bloggers, is most of us have been or currently are, working our way out of debt. Some of us are now there there (like myself), some are a little further away but doing equally as well, and some are still dreaming about the Debt Free Day.

The commonality between us all, regardless of race, colour, country or method, is the desire to do it, and the desire to blog about it. And if we’re honest, the running cost of a blog done properly, isn’t all that cheap. Especially for those on a real tight budget.

So I was thinking the other night what I could do about it. I rent a whole server, technology is one of my weaknesses and I love not having to trust any other monkey to do what I can do myself. But this also gives me flexibility, and more CPU cycles than I need for just my few  sites and blogs.

So what’s the deal?

I am offering to provide the web space for free to host a personal finance blogger with a negative net worth, and one other personal finance blogger who doesn’t have a negative net worth, but thinks their hosting company sucks anyway. When you escape from your debt (or your bad host), then we shall rejoice – but you are still welcome to remain. The only real ask is that it’s used to host WordPress and your Personal Finance blog.

The technical nitty gritty: Unlimited disk space (under 50gb would be cool, though), 1 MySQL database, ssh/scp access (sorry, no ftp), DNS with CloudFlare, and I’ll set up Google Apps for you if you need email. And no, I won’t make you put ads on it. It’s your blog!

Selection Criteria

Leave a comment with your blog URL, and I’ll come have a read. The story and background and current needs that touch me the most, shall be declared the winner. I’ll leave the contest open for a while, so if you know of bloggers who might benefit from this, get them to drop in and say Hi.

Why Am I Doing This?

Sure, I know you can get hosting for like a dollar a month, but is it good hosting? Sometimes, that dollar might be important and better spent elsewhere. You cannot beat free, after all. I believe in helping others, and that is sometimes done in unusual ways.

I might get no responses to this – or I might be surprisingly overwhelmed – but if I didn’t offer it out there, then I might never know how much proper hosting for a hobby they can’t really afford, really means.


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