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Frugal Friday! Buying a Second Hand Car

Posted on June 28, 2013 by Lee

With summer fast-approaching (honest…), many people view this time of year as prime for obtaining a ‘new’ car. With the economy as it is, hundreds of thousands of people who would ordinarily have aimed for a ‘new’ car are instead turning to the second hand market. Many will never have travelled down this particular rabbit hole before or if they have, it will have been long ago.

Thanks to the 5-year-and-counting economic disaster we are experiencing (I  cannot call it a recession because, as if by magic, the ONS  (Office for National Statistics) revised away the double-dip recession last week) many families just do not have the money, available credit or the confidence to splash out on a new car. This has resulted in a booming second hand market both private and from dealerships. This however, can be a murky, foggy, and very uncharted route for buyers who have little experience in navigating such waters.

I have teamed up with MoneySupermarket.com to promote and produce an Infographic on how to get a great deal when buying a second-hand vehicle. It’s BIG, so click on the graphic to view full size, and good luck if you’re in the market for a new-to-you car this summer! Buying a second-hand car gives you the ability to haggle the price and get a fantastic deal if you have the skills. Let us pass those skills on to you and save you some money….

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