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5 Things I Will Do When Debt Free 5

Posted on October 19, 2009 by Lee

I’m still feeling under the weather, courtesy of my vaccination on Friday. I very rarely get ill, so I always feel as though I’ve been hit by a truck when it happens! Runny nose, aching muscles and joints, thick head and a general lack of drive to do anything. In short, not fun.

But, one advantage is I have not done all that much the last couple of days. I have spent most of today in fact thinking about what I am going to do when I am finally debt free in the next month or so.

A few years ago I would have splurged on all kinds of ‘toys’, new gadgets, a big expensive holiday and so forth. The last 10 months has disconnected me almost entirely from the consumerism that got me here in the first place.

So what will I do when I am debt free?

I will treat myself to Burger King

As silly as this sounds, I have not eaten out for myself at all this year. I have been frugal in my food shopping, dining and cooking experiences, and just once I would like to say “to hell with it” and go have some fun in a culinary sense. I can be fairly certain to walk away pretty full and not spend more than £10 for the privilege.

It’s hardly haute cuisine, but it has been something I have been dreaming about for the best part of a year and it will be a major expense for me: Ordinarily £10 will feed me for a week!

I will pad out my Emergency Fund

I have never had one, and I know I need one. Especially now that the Grim Reaper has been trying the doors at work. I think a reasonable starting point would be £1,000 – and work upwards towards 12 months of expenses from there. Currently my emergency fund is £70, and that is a bit of a cruel joke in every sense.

I will take my parents out to dinner

My mum and step-dad have been my rock so many times over the years, but they saved me this year. They put me up – at great inconvenience to themselves – rent free, to help me get out of the dark place that a falling-apart marriage creates. Living rent-free has enabled my “Get Out of Debt In A Year” goal to be a real possibility and not some pipe-dream. Thank you, guys.

It won’t be cheap. While my step-dad will eat just about anything (with the exception of carrots), Mum is allergic to a lot of foods. I need to do some research to find a good setting that can cater for this.

I will open my 2009/2010 Cash ISA

I’ve been singing the praises of ISA‘s on this blog quite a lot. When I am out of debt, it’ll be time to heed my own advice and go and get one!

I will take a short frugal holiday

I need a holiday. I totted up that I have worked an entire extra month in just 9 months so far at work in my ‘debt payoff’ journey, and it has left me feeling old. A short holiday will be nice, just 4 or 5 days will be fine. Somewhere relaxing, somewhere I can just sit back and unwind. Somewhere I can soak up a bit of culture and a bit of alcohol. I will pay in cash, of course!

Should I expand this list somehow? Have I missed a blindingly obvious “when debt free” todo?


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